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Due to safety concerns regarding the Ice storm, tonight’s show has been rescheduled to next Friday, December 27th – same time – doors 7:00pm, show 7:30pm with special guests Greg Ball & Jim Tidman. Sorry for any inconvenience, we hope you understand.

Paul Langlois’s new album Not Guilty is Out today

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Paul Langlois’ 2nd solo album, “Not Guilty”, will be released by Langlois’ own independent record label, Ching Music, on November 5th 2013.

The album was recorded and mixed by Bathouse engineers Aaron Holmberg and Nyles Spencer, and produced by Langlois.

It was recorded in early June of ’13, over a six-day period at The Hip’s Bathouse Studio in Bath, Ontario.

It was a far different experience for The Tragically Hip guitarist to record than was
his first solo effort, “Fix This Head”.

Why was the experience so different?

“Well, for one thing, I recorded this one with a band instead of all by myself. It was a lot more fun to make because of that – better playing, more energy, more laughs doing it, lots of creative help and ideas from all of them.”

And who’s in the band?

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