Welcome to chingmusic.com!

We’ve recently re-vamped things around here – this website, the Ching offices, and even the company car. Mostly because we’re excited about Greg Ball and his band’s new album + single coming out, both called Spoiled Sunday. The single is out now so we’re hoping you might hear it on the radio soon. If you want to, check it out on soundcloud here.

The album comes out on May 11th - here’s a link for pre-order + eventually for purchase link. & on Apple Music

Greg and his band will be doing a few gigs in June around Ontario with more to come. So far, there’s:

June 1st – Mills Hardware in Hamilton
June 2nd – Rosewood Room in London
June 6th - The Warehouse in St Catherine’s
June 15th – The Mansion in Kingston
June 16th – The Dakota in Toronto

Thanks for your support and all the best!

Randolph (Ching Music Head of Marketing and Strategic Thoughts)