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Paul Langlois – Table's Been Set

I got a ringing in my ear,
and a pounding in my brain.
I got a bucket full of fears,
that it won’t be back again.

I’ve got a sliver in my side,
and a virus in my chest.
I got a feeling that the tide,
will take care of all the rest.

And I won’t be back,
to take my medicine,
and take my licks.
I don’t want to pretend,
to be the kind of prick,
that leaves a mess,
and goes and hides.
Well I haven’t yet,
but I’m about to decide,
‘cause the table’s been set.

I had a dream I could’ve won,
and I was standing on the brink,
and all the good things I had done,
were telling me to think:
That I could maybe be alright,
and I’d just look after me.
For one small time in my life,
just let the right thing be.

Released: 11-05-2013
Featured Album
Not Guilty