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Paul Langlois – Watching You

I know what you’re thinking, on the freeway down:
Am I really dying, am I really there?
And I know what you’re knowing, that your freak is gone:
Am I really trying? do I really care?
But to you it shouldn’t matter, if you’re feeling good.

And you want to be right,
And you want to be back.
Well you need to stay light,
and you gotta know that.

Just thinking ‘bout your something,
the way you should.
And you can be a soldier, for the common good.
And you can say I told ya,
like I knew you would,
and you can wake the future,
like I knew you could.

Well you want to be there. And you want to go back.
Well you need to stay where, where you know it’s at.

I’m watching you, and feeling love,
and being here.
And it cuts right through,
all of these senses geared to fear.

Greece and sinking feelings, on my left,
and greed and shady dealings, on my right.
The reason I can see it: I’m alive.
The reason I don’t like it: it’s cause I’m tight.
But it don’t even matter, what I am,
as long as I can be there, when you’re falling down.
And I can see the future, in the kids,
They can feel it comin’, just like we did.

Released: 11-05-2013
Featured Album
Not Guilty