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Paul Langlois – Not Guilty

Paul Langlois’ 2nd solo album, “Not Guilty”, will be released by Langlois’ own independent record label, Ching Music, on November 5th 2013.

The album was recorded and mixed by Bathouse engineers Aaron Holmberg and Nyles Spencer, and produced by Langlois.

It was recorded in early June of ’13, over a six-day period at The Hip’s Bathouse Studio in Bath, Ontario.

It was a far different experience for The Tragically Hip guitarist to record than was
his first solo effort, “Fix This Head”.

Why was the experience so different?

“Well, for one thing, I recorded this one with a band instead of all by myself. It was a lot more fun to make because of that – better playing, more energy, more laughs doing it, lots of creative help and ideas from all of them.”

And who’s in the band?

“They’re all good friends of mine – Mauro Sepe played drums – we grew up together (since the age of 5) and we still hang out when we can.

Jeff Montgomery played bass – he and I are pretty tight, and I also produced his album, “Songs From The Middle”, a few years back.

And Rob Baker played guitar – obviously Robbie and I have been close friends for 30 years, inside and outside of The Hip. He was also very encouraging to me when I was recording my first solo cd. So much so, that when I decided I wanted to record another album, he was a natural choice for me – and thankfully he said yes!

And as the saying goes, it was done ‘live off the floor’:

“It seemed to be the most natural and the most true, fun way for us to go. We’d all learned the songs pretty well beforehand, and we felt good about that going in. Once we were set-up with some good sounds, we rolled through the tunes, and picked the best takes. We started recording on a Monday, and by Thursday we had finished the basic band tracks and were moving onto a few overdubs. Kept it all pretty simple!”

On first listen, a few of the highlights on the album are the hard-driving Watching You; a slow-burning song called Waiting On My Train; and the title track, Not Guilty, a rocker that seems to tell the story of some kind of tragic bar fight.

The song Table’s Been Set was inspired by Paul going permanently deaf in his right ear on the morning of December 9th 2011. ‘Sudden hearing loss’ is a very rare condition that is not in any way related to repeated exposure to loud music.

Has that been a difficult adjustment?

“Sorry I didn’t quite hear the question”.

Will there be a tour? Any live shows?

“Yeah, I didn’t tour at all on my first album, so I was pretty determined to try and set-up some kind of tour with this one, and the guys in the band were into it too. So, we’re going to do it. We’ll be in pretty small to medium-sized clubs, from east to west, coast to coast across Canada, from mid-November until mid-December. I’m bringing Greg Ball and his band to play at all of the shows. He’s on my Ching Music record label, which put out his most recent album, Mr Rightplace – I may be a little biased because I produced it, but I think it’s really good! He’s a great songwriter and he’s got a lot of other cool tunes, and I know they’ll put on a great show. We’re also going to have a singer-songwriter from Australia, Pete Murray, join us on the road for all the shows on the tour. He does really well in Australia and a lot of other countries, just happens to be friends with Jeff Montgomery, and wants to get out and play some shows in Canada”. We know we’re all going to have a blast for that month of shows, and we’re going to try to make sure the audience does too!

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